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Jennifer Rose: Choreographer, movement director, performer, educator and a disciple of two MacArthur Fellows; Shen Wei and Bill T Jones. She has performed at venues such as Lincoln Center, Brooklyn Academy of Music, Festival du Cannes and The Olympic Theatre in Beijing. Jennifer creates film and dance theatre productions in collaboration with flamenco dancers and musicians, Balinese actors, Bulgarian Choirs, Mexican folklorists and Arabic singers all who carry the force of their cultural identity at the forefront of art making. Jennifer uses sensual and visceral movement to tell stories of unrest, desire, carnality and the thrill of self- expression. Her most recent film in collaboration with famed Arabic Singer, Ghalia Benali won an award at Dance Camera West. She is currently working on a live production and film to reimagine the Greek mythos CIRCE inspired by the novel written by Madeline Miller.


 She teaches masterclasses around the globe based on contemporary forms, theatrical expression and martial arts principals and alternatively offers workshops on Shen Wei's Natural Body Development Technique. She believes live performance is an opportunity for both performers and audiences to insist on real time transformation, express universal agreements and transcend the art of story-telling.


Photo by Nir Arieli


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IG: @jnnrose